We will be meeting with stakeholders and inviting submissions in the coming months to inform the content of the interim report, due to the Minister of Health in August 2021.

A final report will be provided to the government in December 2021.

Making a submission

We want to hear your feedback on the Review of the Pharmaceutical Management Agency (PHARMAC). Your feedback will contribute to the Review process and help form a proposal on how PHARMAC can best serve the needs of the communities of Aotearoa. You can make a submission by completing the form on this page and emailing it to us or online at the Health Consultation Hub(external link).

Submissions to inform the interim report close on Friday 16 July at 8 pm.

How we will manage your feedback

Your feedback will be kept secure and held in confidence and it will only be used for the purpose of this review.

All feedback will be considered by the PHARMAC Review Panel in making final decisions on this proposal. Feedback themes will be made available following the decision.

You may also email feedback to:

Privacy - Further Information

The Ministry of Health‘s privacy policy(external link) describes how the Ministry will use and protect your information.

Official Information Act requests

All submissions are subject to the Official Information Act, and may be provided to people on request. This may include personal details if you have provided them.

If you submit using our form, you will be asked whether or not you want to provide your personal details. We will take this into account when responding to requests for copies of, and information on, submissions to this document under the Official Information Act.

If your submission contains any confidential information please state this within submission, and set out clearly which parts you consider should be withheld and the grounds under the Official Information Act 1982 that you believe apply. We will consult with submitters when responding to requests under the Official Information Act.

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